Backup and Restore in Tableau

As we all know how critical is Backups in a Production environment. Regular backups (And Saving it in multiple Locations) will help the Organizations to rely on the backups, even if a Server or DC go unavailable. The regular Validation of the backup (whether its consistent or not) is also most critical and important part. Lets see how to backup Tableau server, validate and restore the same.

Backing Up the Tableau:

Below are the steps that needs to be performed for taking a backup,

–> Navigate to the Bin location where you have installed Tableau

cd  C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau 10.1\bin


–>     Create a Directory (or Folder) where you want to store your backup

In this example, I’ve created it under “C:\Tableau_Backup\06Mar17”

–>  Invoke the below command to trigger the backup,

bin> tabadmin backup C:\Tableau_Backup\06Mar17\tabserver -v


This Command backup the Tableau Server in *.tsbak format. The “-v” option is used to validate the backup for consistency. Make sure that it doesn’t gives any warnings or errors during backup and validation.

This backup which we have taken in above step is a complete Tableau Server Backup and it includes PostgreSQL database (Tableau’s inbuilt DB), Workbook and User Metadata, Data Extract (.tde files) and Configuration Data too.

Restore the Data in Tableau:

When the “.tsbak” file is restored back, the contents of PostgreSQL, Workbooks, User Metadata and Configuration files are all overwritten.

The steps to restore the backup is,

–> Stop the Tableau Server

bin> tabadmin stop

–> Restore “.tsbak” file,

bin> tabadmin restore tabserver.tsbak

If you don’t want to restore the Configuration Data, you may use “no-config” option to ignore the same.

bin> tabadmin restore –no-config tabserver.tsbak

–> Once the restore is completed, you may start the Tableau Server,

bin> tabadmin start


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