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Authentication Failed While Logging into WebLogic Admin Console

Sometime back, I faced a weird issue when working on changing WebLogic password for one of the FWM products (followed the Oracle Note ID: How to Change the WebLogic Server Administrator Password [ID 1082299.1]). Issue: The password was successfully changed and … Continue reading

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Informatica Power Center# pcsf_10007 cannot connect to repository

Issue: The Informatica Repository was not showing “Available” and was giving the below error. pcsf_10007 cannot connect to repository   Cause: Could be because of Database connectivity or Database tables error   Resolution: The Repository tables were not properly created … Continue reading

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Importance of OLR (Oracle Local Registry):

A component called “OLR” is introduced in 11gR2, which will be installed on every node of Cluster. This component is not shared by other nodes and is specific to the respective node. OLR will be setup when Oracle Clusterware is … Continue reading

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Golden Gate Performance Tips – For DML Operations

Problem Statement: Updates and Inserts (or mainly DMLs) in GG are taking long time to execute   The top few reasons for DMLs to run long are, Heavy transactions are being processed at Source DB performance may be a reason too Unique/Primary … Continue reading

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Oracle Clusterware Concepts

Oracle Clusterware Concepts: Oracle Clusterware is the heart of Oracle RAC Database. Clusterware concepts are very important for a DBA to ride Oracle RAC Databases. The main concepts of Oracle Clusterware are as follows. Oracle Clusterware mainly has 2 components, … Continue reading

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Load Oracle Table to Spark and Create an External Table using Scala (#Hadoop #Oracle #Scala #Spark)

In this blog post, I would like to demonstrate the steps to load RDBMS table (Oracle in this case) into Spark and Create an External table. Before we start the actual steps, lets understand few of the definitions which are … Continue reading

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