Informatica Power Center Migration to a Different server (#InformaticaMigration, #PowerCenter)

Scope of this blog post:

Informatica Power Center Domain and Repository service which is setup on a server (single node) needs to be migrated to a new/different server. This information is analogous to do a DR (Disaster Recovery) for Power Center.

High level Steps:

  1. Backup the Domain and Repository contents from command line
  2. Migrate (copy or scp) the Backups (Domain and Repository) to the new/different server
  3. Copy the complete install directory from old server to new server
  4. Restore the Domain using
  5. Update Gateway node using
  6. Start the services

Detailed Steps:

  1. For Backing up the Domain and Repository content, follow the instructions as mentioned in below blog post,
  2. Create the Domain and Repository users in Database (Oracle in this case),

create user Informatica_domain identified by <pwd> default tablespace users;

create user informatica_repo identified by <pwd> default tablespace users;

grant connect,resource,sse_role to informatica_domain;

grant connect,resource,sse_role to informatica_repo;

3. Restore the domain using below command,

cd $INFA_HOME/server

sh RestoreDomain -da <DB_HOST>:<DB_PORT> -du Informatica_domain -dp <pwd> -dt oracle -ds <DB_NAME> -bf  infa_domain.mrep

4. Update Gateway node using

cd $INFA_HOME/server

sh UpdateGatewayNode -da <DB_HOST>:<DB_PORT> -du Informatica_Domain -dp <pwd>-dt oracle -ds <DB_NAME> -dn <Domain_hostname> -nn <node01_hostname> -na <NewInformaticaServer>:6005 –rst

5. Start Informatica Services,

cd $INFA_HOME/tomcat/bin

./ startup

6. Once the services are started, restore the Informatica Repository from Admin Console or follow the below steps to perform the same from command line.

pmrep connect -r REP_NAME -d DOMAIN_NAME -n Administrator -x PASSWORD

pmrep restore -i REP_NAME.rep -u Admin_User -p Admin_Password

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2 Responses to Informatica Power Center Migration to a Different server (#InformaticaMigration, #PowerCenter)

  1. Ram says:

    Hi Buddy,

    Gasping at your brilliance! Thanks a tonne for sharing all that content. Can’t stop reading. Honestly!

    They are mapping variables and workflow variables.
    I have created them in the mapping and assigned the value in the mapping. Created the workflow variables in the workflow and assigned the mapping variables to the workflow variables. They are not set to persistent. I need the values to get refreshed every time I run the workflow.

    But nice Article Mate! Great Information! Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards,


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