Oracle Database Migration to Oracle Cloud; #Lift&Shift, #DatabaseMigration


Oracle Cloud is all over the place and has become a mandatory skill set for every DBA. This blog gives an insight into Migrating an OnPrem Oracle Database to Oracle Database Cloud. (Called Lift And Shift)

High Level Steps:

  1. Download and configure RMAN Module
  2. Backup Database to Oracle Cloud
  3. Create a DBCS Instance and Restore DB

Detailed Steps:

Steps 1 & 2 are covered in my other post on “Oracle Database Backup to Oracle Cloud” (

Create a DBCS Instance & Restore DB:

Login to Oracle Cloud “” in to your Identity Domain, under Services, Click on “Services” –> Database


The Page redirects to “Oracle Database Cloud Service”, Click on “Go to Console”,


Click on “Create Instance”,


Provide the details of “Instance Name”, Version of Source Database (Which was backed up), Edition & Database Type (Single Instance or Database Clustering with RAC or Single Instance with Data Guard or Data Guard standby for Hybrid DR or Database Clustering with RAC & Data Guard Standby)


Click Next and enter the DB Name to be created “ORCL” (is taken as example here), Provide the Administrator Password and mention the size of DB and required space, also select the Compute for running the DB (here, I selected the basic configuration server).


Also, provide the Backup & Recovery Configuration. To Clone The new DB from Existing Database (on Prem), provide the “Cloud Storage Container” details and DB ID of OnPrem Database.

You could generate a new SSH keys,


Create new keys and download the same.


Select the option to “Create Database from Existing Backup”


Enter all the details required and click “next”


Upon reviewing the summary, click “Create”, which will create the database on Cloud.


Once the Environment is created, you could connect to the Database.


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